Also still available

The products below are not sold very often. But there might be something you were looking for. Test the demo and check that everything works on your computer. There will be no new updates.

One Man Band v11 - Live-on-stage arranger (Linux) Remarks / Download Demo / Buy Now

One Man Band Live - Realtime arranger for the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

Serenade - Karaoke editor and player for MIDI files ( Linux) Download Demo / Buy Now

Serenade for CD (Windows)

Synthie - Dxi host and low latency version of the Microsoft Synthesizer (Windows)

MPL - MIDI Programming Language (Windows)

Follow Me - Learn to play without knowledge of music notes

Chord Player for Arranger Keyboards (Windows)

MIDI plugins for Cakewalk/Sonar and compatibles (Windows)