MIDI plugins for CakeWalk/Sonar and compatibles

MIDI plugins also known as MIDI effects (MFX) add extra functions to your Cakewalk sequencer. They can be used in any Cakewalk version that supports MIDI effects, including but not limited to Sonar and Music Creator.

Auto-accompaniment and auto-harmony are popular features in arranger keyboards. Some digital piano's now also come with these functions. Auto-accompaniment provides a complete band with drums, bass and other instruments that play according to the chords that are pressed with the left hand on the keyboard. Auto-harmony adds harmonies to the melody played with the right hand, that fit in the chords played with the left hand. The two plugins below provide the same functions in non-realtime. The chords are to be placed in text events in Cakewalks eventlist before each effect is applied.

MFX Styles - Create accompaniment using Yamaha styles

MFX Harmony - Auto Harmony

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