Chord Player

Chord Player is a tool that will play the chords on an arranger keyboard so that you will have both hands available for melody playing and style-variation switching.

The chords for the songs can be entered in a text window and can be saved in chord files. A chord file with the chord sequences for a hundred well known songs is included. Text can be included between the chord lines for orientation or karaoke. The textsize can be adjusted.

The chords played are shown on a piano keyboard for keyboard teaching by example. Chord playing can be switched off so that you can play the chords yourself while the displayed chords on screen stay synchronised with your keyboard.

How to setup your arranger keyboard with Chord Player.

If Chordplayer is configured as Master then Chord Player sends MIDI start, stop and clock messages to keep the style in your arranger keyboard synchronized. For many keyboards the startup defaults will work, but not for all keyboards. Check the MIDI chapter of your keyboard manual. You might need to set the MIDI clock from internal to external (receive clock = yes) and activate incoming (receive) start (FA) and stop (FC) message detection. If Chordplayer is configured as slave then it will wait for a MIDI start message and then it will adjust it's tempo to the MIDI clock messages it receives from your arranger keyboard.

You will also need to select the right chord channel. If you have trouble finding it in your keyboard manual then try each of the 16 channels and play a part of the song. The drum accompaniment will always start no matter what channel you chose (if not you have no MIDI connection at all). If you have the right channel selected then all the accompaniment instruments will change chord when a new chord is highlighted on the screen. If you have a wrong channel you will mostly just hear a chord hit with a single instrument.

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How to install the demo version of Chord Player.

Chord Player is shareware, registration costs $9.95. Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, 32Mb, 300Mhz, 800*600

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