MFX Harmony - Create auto-harmony

MFX Harmony is a MIDI effect/plugin that can be used in any Cakewalk (Sonar, Music Creator) version that supports MIDI effects. It adds auto-harmony and extra voices to a single tone melody. The harmony follows chords that are placed in text events in the track.

Download a full functional 30 days trial version of MFX Styles for free,or buy the full version for only $14.95. MFX Harmony requires Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/Windows7 and of course Cakewalk to plug it in. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows7 then you will also need to download the helpfile for Vista.To install it unzip the downloaded file and run the install.exe. There are more details about installation in the readme.txt and more details about the usage of the plugin in the mfxhrmny.hlp file. Below is a short tutorial.

After installation the plugin will become visible in Cakewalk in the list of MIDI effects with the name "Harmony". MFX harmony is used in non-realtime, that is you apply the effect on a track and after it is finished you can play the modified track. If the concept of realtime and non realtime usage of effects is not clear to you then please read about this in the help file (mfxhrmny.hlp).

Before you apply the effect, you must place chords in the track. These chords tell MFX Harmony which harmonies it can add. They are placed in text events (use the eventlist in Cakewalk) and have the prefixes "chord:".

Now activate MFX Harmony (right click on the clip that contains above text events, select MIDI effects and select Styles).

In the Factory presets box at the top you can select a complete setting for up to 4 instruments with harmonies. Melody channel specifies where the input melody is to be found. With the channel selector below the factory presets you can select and then edit each of the 4 channels in the preset. In each channel there is an instrument patch, a list of initial controllers, a choice to include the melody note, the first harmony and the second harmony and an octave shift option

When you click on the OK button the patches, controllers and notes are added and the Harmony window disappears. You can now play the track.

Above is the eventlist showing the result of applying the effect. As you can see not only patches, controllers and notes are added but also text events with the prefix "<harmony>" that echo the chords. A chord type that is not recognised may be replaced by a more basic chord type.

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