What's new in version 10.3 released August 2, 2010

Voice layering in Sequencer window.

New list and search function in Instrument Definition Window.

Styles from PSR-S900 (with slightly different data format) are now played correctly.

Several fixes for problems loading and saving midifiles and styles.


What's new in version 10.2

Selectable fonts in Song window and Karaoke window.

Fix for the bug that made it impossible to load styles in the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean version of Windows.

Fix for recording in the Arranger window.

Fix for the scrolling picture in PC Keyboard 2 window.

OTS will no longer be removed when a style is loaded and saved.


What's new in version 10.1

Fix for helpfile problem in Windows Vista.

National keyboard (Qwerty/Azerty) option in Settings menu.

Fix for the beeps in Tyros styles.

Fix for the problem that wrong multivoices were activated when selecting presets with running accompaniment (PC Keyboard 2 window).

Fix for incorrect results with the music-note notation.(Arranger window).

Option Panel Lock in Settings Menu to prevent automatic return to functions panel when a selection has been made in one of the other panels (PC Keyboard 2 window).

No longer necessary to setup default folders. Folders will default to previously chosen.


What's new in version 10

VSTi and DXi hosting with support for ASIO drivers. This has been the most requested feature in the last 4 years. So now you can plug-in your softsynths. In the MIDI-out settings DXi's and VSTi's can be added to the MIDI-out list and then selected for each separate channel.

Load the next style without interrupting the currently playing style in live mode (switch-without-a-glitch). When the new style is loaded it will take over at the start of the next measure.

Reduced latency version of the Microsoft synthesizer. The default MIDI Out is now the JM synthesizer. It uses the same wavetables as the Microsoft synthesizer but hasn't got the quarter second delay before you hear a pressed key.

Style loudness correction to compensate for the loudness differences between styles from different origins. Available in menu settings/Style-loudness-correction.

Control all the different volumes with the sliders of a MIDI keyboard controller in live mode. Define the controllers you want to use for this in menu settings/keyboard-control-functions. In the same window you can define MIDI triggers for each function, by specifying MIDI port/channel/messagetype.

A new function is Block Tempo. If on it will ignore the tempo of a new loaded style and play the new style in the same tempo as the previous one.

Use wave sound effects in live mode. Wave files can be loaded in the SFX panel in PC keyboard 2 and MIDI keyboard window.

Improved user interface. Arranger, eventslist and pianoroll window will show more measures/events/notes when the window is enlarged. The Window will scroll while playing in eventslist, pianoroll and arranger window. OMB will start in the window that was last used.

Note for current users:
There is no longer a need to begin in the voices window and then press the start button to proceed to one of the three interface windows for live play. In fact the start button is no longer there. You go directly to PC-keyboard 1, 2 or the MIDI-keyboard window (select in menu windows) and stay there. Some may have previously used the voices window to play without auto-accompaniment. You can prevent the auto-accompaniment to start when a chord is hit by using the function "pause and restart". While paused you can play chords without starting the accompaniment.

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