Defining system exclusive messages.

In this window you can edit the data in a sysex (*.syx) file. This is a standard format to store system exclusive MIDI messages. In OMB you may also include sequences with controllers and patches in between the system exclusive messages.

The data is shown in hexadecimal values the same way as you will see it specified in the manual of your synth. A system exclusive message will always begin with a F0 byte and end with a F7 byte.

The message GM ON is understood by all synths and spells: F0 7E 7F 09 01 F7

Controller messages consist of 3 bytes:
The status byte, specifying that this is a controller and including the channel nummer.
The databyte 1, specifying what type of controller.
The databyte 2 specifying the value of the controller.

In the window above the sequence starts with:

B0 07 64
B0 indicates this is a controller on channel 1 (In MIDI counting starts at 0 instead of 1).
07 indicates that this is controller type volume.
64 indicates that the volume is set to 100 (hex.64 is dec.100)

The three bytes are repeated for the other 15 channels.

With the send button you can send the MIDI data to your synth to hear its effect.

Use the load and save button to load or save a SysEx file.

The data is checked before saving:

B007K4 will give an error because the K4 is not a valid hexadecimal value (only 0-9 and A-F).

B0074 will give an error because the 5 characters can not be grouped in hexadecimal values of 2 characters. There must be one character missing or one to many.


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