How to install the full version of Band Minus One.

If you already have a previous version of Band Minus One installed then don't uninstall it yet. Each version of Band Minus One is installed in a separate folder.

  1. First install the demo version of Band Minus One (and test it to check that it suits your demands).

  2. Then register.

  3. After registration you will immediately receive an email with your registration key and download instructions for the full version.

  4. Download the file with the full version using the instructions and download password in the email. Unzip the file into the folder "c:\Program Files\Band Minus One version 2.0" (or a different name that you specified for this folder when you installed the demo version) replacing the file bmo.exe.

  5. Start Band Minus One the same way as you started the demo version (the demo version is now the full version).

  6. The first time you start the full version you will be asked to enter your name and registration key.

  7. Make a backup of the file and the registration key.

So in short: the demo version of Band Minus One is transformed into the full version by replacing one file and entering a registration key. That doesn't seem so difficult still I get many emails from users that need help with this. The following is a list of things that sometimes goes wrong in this process.

  1. Sometimes it is not understood that the email that is received immediately after registration is what is needed to proceed. Some think that this is just a "thank you for registering message" and that they will receive the real update later.

  2. Sometimes only the part in the email about how to download the file is read and not the part in the same email about how to install (that's why I made this webpage with the same info).

  3. Some unzip the file into an empty directory and try to start the bmo.exe. The program will try to find the other files it needs but won't find them and stops with a "file not found message". The bmo.exe should be placed in the folder "c:\Program Files\Band Minus One version 2.0" replacing the demo version of bmo.exe. Just creating a folder with that name is no good either, it must contain the installed demo version of Band Minus One.

  4. Some think that they unzipped the file into the folder "c:\Program Files\Band Minus One version 2.0" but did not actually replace the demo version of bmo.exe. If you start Band Minus One and it still refuses to save files then you are definitively running the demo version. Another way to check if the full version is installed is to check the "About Band Minus One" item in the help menu. If this specifies that "this evaluation copy may be distributed freely" then it is the demo version for sure. Try to unzip the file in an empty folder, then delete the bmo.exe file in "c:\Program Files\Band Minus One version 2.0" and then copy the unzipped bmo.exe from the empty folder to "c:\Program Files\Band Minus One version 2.0"

  5. Don't confuse the file (that anyone can bedownload for free) with the file (that only can be downloaded if you register). The bmo.exe file in is the full version.

  6. Don't confuse the download password in the email that you receive after registration with the registration key that you recieve in that same email. If you type the download password instead of the registration key when your start the full version for the first time, then it will not be accepted.

  7. If you think that you deleted some files unintendently then don't panic. Just do the followings steps: uninstall Band Minus One, install the demo version and install the full version as decribed above.


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