Band Minus One version 3 - The easiest accompaniment maker

Band Minus One is a Windows and Mac software that enables you to create your own accompaniment by entering a chord sequence and choosing a style. You can use the included styles but also the many thousands of styles in Yamaha format that are available on internet. The accompaniment can be saved in a MIDI file that can be played on any MIDI file player or MIDI karaoke player. The software is meant for singers and all instrument players.

Band Minus One comes with a complete sequencer to edit MIDI files, e.g. cut and paste to adjust the number of verses increase or decrease the pitch to match the range of your voice and adjust the volume of each separate instrument. There is also a free Android remote control app to play songs and select styles, look for JmRemote in the Google Play Store.

In the demo version you can't save files and playing is interrupted after 60 seconds. The full version of Band Minus One costs $14.95. With the included 60 styles it is an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to Band in a Box. You don't even have to type the chord sequences. Just Google for "chords and lyrics songname" then copy, paste and play. Download the demo and do the tutorial now!


Download Demo: Windows /OSX
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Windows /OSX
Installing Band Minus One in MacOs 10.12 Sierra and higher
Free styles
Chord sequences for many popular songs
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Create accompaniment for a song
Sequencer: Edit MIDI files
Sequencer: Record tracks

Band Minus One comes with a comprehensive sequencer for any imaginable modification of MIDI files.